Football as a tool for social change: Right to Dream Academy joins FootballISM

Welcome our newest partner, Right to Dream - Egypt, a football academy that provides an innovative pathway to football and higher education.

Together with Right to Dream, we want to have a huge focus on education, knowing that our tool will help academies to follow up their players, not only football wise, but to develop student-athletes and provide a top-tier education.

This is what FootballISM is all about. Most of the AMS systems focus a lot on performance and physical data, but we want to have a huge focus on Education. We know that 99,9% of the players aren’t going to reach a professional level and we want to guarantee that ISM is a tool that will help Academies such as Right to Dream to follow up their student-athletes, not only in terms of football, but also in terms of school grades, nutrition, psychological status.

The Academy in Egypt will have the Standard plan, focusing on the Technical Area and on the Academic and Personal part, related with Education.

This project will allow us to create a Master ISM that will allow the decision makers and group owners to have all relevant information on their platform’s profile, together with the Ghana Academy and FC Norsdjaelland

Using football as an instrument for social change by developing more conscious athletes is the goal.

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